Ascended Dead – “Ritus Mortuus” CD

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2015 compilation by US death metal band ASCENDED DEAD

Tracks 1-4 from side A of “The Advent” tape, recorded in Seattle, WA, 7/2/14 in the Warpvomit Bunker.
Tracks 5-8 from “Arcane Malevolence” 7″ EP
Tracks 9-10 from side B of “The Advent” tape (Arcane Malevolence preproduction)
Tracks 11-14 from “Demo I” (Ascended Dead)
Track 15 Live in Larbfest 11/7/15
Track 16 Live in the Oakland Metro 6/27/14
Tracks 17-18 Live in Shelltown 5/5/12

Released by Death Division Rituals and Echoes of Erebos