Autopsy – “All Tomorrows Funerals” Digibook CD

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Contains all of Autopsy’s EPs remastered by the band as well as some new cuts (1-4) for a combined total of 22 tracks. Everything from “Retribution for the Dead” to “The Tomb Within” is presented on CD and DLP with all original artworks and liner notes from the band. Tracks 1, 2, 4, 22: new songs Track 3: off Decibel Magazine flexi disc Tracks 5-9: The Tomb Within EP (2010) Tracks 10-11: Horrific Obsession Single (2009) Track 12: off the Peaceville compilation album Volume 4 Tracks 13-18: Fiend for Blood EP (1992) Tracks 19-21: Retribution for the Dead EP (1991)

Released by Peaceville Records