Encoffination – “Necros Obscuritas” CD

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A compilation album from 2017 by US doomy death metal band ENCOFFINATION

compiles 12 songs that have appeared mainly on vinyl-only releases including the ones from “Seventh Temple Of Loadicean Scripture” 7″EP, “Elegant Funerals For The Unknown Dead” MLP, “Amen” LP, split LP with GRAVE UPHEAVAL, two songs from both first and second album as well as previously unreleased material recorded live in Brooklyn, New York 2015

Track 1: Taken from “Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh” LP
Tracks 2~3: Taken from “Seventh Temple of Laodicean Scripture” 7″
Track 4: Taken from “Split with Grave Upheaval” LP
Track 5: Taken from “O’ Hell, Shine in Thy Whited Sepulchres” LP
Tracks 6~10: Taken from “Elegant Funerals for the Unknown Dead” MLP
Track 11: Recorded live in Houston, Texas, October 9th, 2010. Originally released as “Amen” MLP
Track 12: Recorded live in Brooklyn, New York, April 4th, 2015

Released on CD by SelfMadeGod Records