ERP073 Dr. Shrinker – “The Eponym” 7″ EP (Splatter vinyl)

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ERP are excited to present this 2021 re-issue of the 1990 “The Eponym” 2 track demo, which was recorded for Earache Records to see if the band would have been a fitting signing, but sadly instead ceased to exist as a band shortly after, leaving these two songs (arguable the strongest material the band composed and a personal favorite here at ERP) as a heavy and memorable ending to the legacy of a great band within the genre during their first existence between 1987-1991

Remastered for this release by Lasse at Ballade Studios in Copenhagen in February 2021

Comes with insert

This is the limited clear/red/black splatter vinyl version

*2 copies allowed per customer, if you order more than 2 copies of the limited version you’ll be refunded for any additional copies

Released by Extremely Rotten Productions