Feed The Beast #2

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Feed The Beast #2 The latest issue contains 8 interviews, that are printed on 52 A4-pages in black&white. Ultra Silvam A rousing EP that was written with Blood, Fire and Sulphur had been in focus for this interview. Vircolac Bring along your own shovel, as we dig deep inside the irish history. The central theme of this conversation was the lyrical aspect of the “Masque”-album and “The Cursed Travails of the Demeter”-EP. Verberis „Vorant Gnosis“ is an absorbing Death-Metal-Release, that cames out of nowhere, but which deserves all of your attention. Ars Alchymiae Additionally to the Verberis-interview, I talked with Ars Alchymiae about her artwork for this record. Minenfeld Johnnie, get your gun · Get your gun, get your gun · Take it on the run · On the run, on the run · Hear them calling, you and me · Every son of liberty · Hurry right away · No delay, go today · Make your daddy glad · To have had such a lad · Tell your sweetheart not to pine · To be proud her boy’s in line · Over there, over there · Send the word, send the word over there · That the Yanks are coming · The Yanks are coming · The drums rum-tumming · Everywhere · So prepare, say a prayer · Send the word, send the word to beware · We’ll be over, we’re coming over · And we won’t come back till it’s over · Over there – George M. Cohan, 1917 Mirror of Deception Let us peek behind a moth-eaten curtain. The focus is on the latest album “The Estuary”- but Jochen jumped a few times out of the spotlight. Okay, more than a few times. Lucifericon A conversation about symbolism and concepts between Lucifericon and an inquiring mind. Imha Tarikat The following interview took almost two and a half year but still reads a little bit abrupt. I wanted to focus on the „Kenoboros“-EP, but as time wents by topics turned. Only interviews – no live-reports – no reviews – no articles.