Feed The Beast #3

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Feed The Beast #3 The 3rd issue of this excellent German extreme metal zine, with great alternative lay-out and unorthodox interviews

On the menu are 68 A4 pages, printed in black & white with 7 interviews: Proscrito … a desolated and destroyed down to the ground city, where dust, sand and dirt is in the wind and stings in the eyes and scratch over unprotected skin – it feels uncomfortable. Similar to the cover artwork of “The Ultra-Violence” Charnel Altar … a formless, roaring creature that wriggles through a pitch-dark cave deep down below. This monster moves ponderous through the moldy passageway and then, like a fury, becomes faster, dashing through the cave, only to stop suddenly and starts to smash itself against the walls – again and again … Vanhelgd … or the blood that drops from the snake’s skin. Like a snake slough it’s skin to life on, the boy has to left his carnal existence to move on? Filthgrave … from fire to ice. „Evil Eternal” seems to be born in the hell of South America, an infernal and fist-raising Black-/Thrash-Metal beast. While the last song, “Mark of the Dying”, has a very strong Darkthrone-aura. Sartegos … it draws a blurred mix of an ancient temple, that is hewn in stone deep down below the earth, enlighten by the dim light of torches and a limestone cave with myriads of stalactites and stalagmites. Binah … a befogged graveyard with a reeky mound of earth nearby a gravestone in the middle of the night. No stars above, only an outdated street lamp tries to enlightened this thick night – and from time to time a heap of earth flies through the air. I can hear the steady swing of the shovel which is the reason behind a blissful shudder Desaster Past… Present… Forever…

Only interviews – no live-reports – no reviews – no articles