Hot Graves – “Days Before Plague” MC

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These songs represent a spectrum ov the many evil-drenched facets ov the HOT GRAVES sound. It begins with two Black Metal tinged thrashers, continues with two absolute tear-out destruction anthems, and then drops into more pointed territory for HG for the next two songs: The first delving deeper into the depths ov Death Metal than ever before, and the second a nearly-straightforward BM blaster that drips into doom territory as well. The album is both bookended by and woven together with synth-based interludes, which serve as transitions between songs and as continuations and introductions to the music itself. Composed late into the night around the turn ov the year by Jamie & Myk, all the interludes make this DAYS BEFORE PLAGUE truly ring into the MIXTAPE idea, and as such, these songs will be presented as one long 25 minute track, just the way you would have to listen to it on cassette (but mostly to preserve the continuity). Track listing is as follows: 1. Structural Violence 2. Black Thorn and Blood 3. Necrodudial Blasphemer 4. Plaguewielder 5. Mourning The Death (Ov A Dream) 6. The Demon Has Died Pro made cassettes with hand screen printed, cut and folded packaging

Released by Noxious Ruin Handwrought