Noxious Ruin Zine #5

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120 pages of filthy death metal madness in eye blasting full color, printed on heavy duty 80lb matte paper. Featuring interviews/histories of ROK of SADISTIK EXEKUTION, NIRVANA 2002, FATAL, SNET, PERILAXE OCCLUSION, SLAUGHTER LORD, CRUCIFIXION, THRASH RECORDS and an interview with cover artist NIGHTMARE IMAGERY, and other fun crap to see/read/do.

There is also a fuck-ton of the most putrid art featuring @noizevul, @inkrituals, @artovdoom, @claw_eight, @mckinleyillustrations, @humanswarm, @xam_fidel, @orang.matiproject, @daviderankore, @filtheffigy, @nkmueller, @thewolfspider666, @cllk.artwork, @darkgravedesign, @raphaelmarcdellanno, @spinal_chamber, @p.t.b.r.u.i.s.e.r., @crnobogart, @tombtower, @sam.d.larsson, @birdsnatch, @mortuus_art, @rok_sadistik_art, @samortal, @m6o6i6, @eyedust, @nico_tdm, @emanationsfrombelow, @cryptic_stench, @necrohelm_art

And if all that wasn’t enough to make your head explode, the magazine also comes with a 77 minute, 16 band cassette compilation featuring: DECREPISY (US), DISEMBODIMENT (CAN), GORED EMBRACE (US), HORMAGAUNT(AUS), HYPERDONTIA (DEN), INFESTED (US) INTESTINAL HEX (CAN) LACERATION (US), NECRECTOMY (RUS), NOROTH (US), NOVICHOKE (RUS), PHRENELITH (DEN), PHTHISIS (US), SOUL DEVOURMENT(US) and STENCH COLLECTOR (US) and VRENTH (US) Over and hour of sickening death in one handy piece of plastic. AMAZING cover art done by @thecreepfromsixfeetdeep

BUT WAIT….there’s more. With every magazine you also get a hand screen printed 8.5″x11″ poster with art done by @demonomania666

Don’t snooze on this…… these won’t be reprinted