Putrid Offal – “Premature Autopsy: The Carnage Continues” LP (Red vinyl)

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2015 compilation with all material from 1991-94 by French gory death grinder PUTRID OFFAL

Compilation of the band’s official ’90s discography.

Side A consists in their part of the split MLP with Exulceration with the addition of the introduction that wasn’t featured on any previous CD version.

Side B consists in their part of the “Obscurum per obscurius” split CD and their part of the split 7″ EP with Agathocles (different master from the version featured on the CD, which was from the “Unformed” demo – same recording session, though).

100 copies collector edtion on red and black splatter vinyl in black paper inner sleeve, full color insert and bonus 12x12cms “outdoor” vinyl sticker, all housed in a 350g s-3mm spined sleeve with glossy lamination.

Released by Xenokorp