Zombified Preachers of Gore – “The Full Regurgitation” CD

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2022 compilation of all recorded material from US  grinding death metal band ZOMBIFIED PREACHERS OF GORE

The complete Zombified Preachers of Gore catalog on one CD. 19 tracks, including the band’s two tapes: “God’s Vomit” (1990) and the self-titled “Zombified Preachers of Gore” (1991 – previously released by Wild Rags Records). Includes 10 tracks of previously unreleased extras, including the 1989 basement tape “Orgy of Blood.” Remastered by original engineer/Fatal guitarist, Tony Hamera. Features 16-page booklet with the art/lyrics from the original tapes, as well as full band bio, and interview by Acid Witch’s Tim “Shagrat” Jenkins, all compiled/designed/illustrated by the band’s original bassist/artist, Bryan Durren.


Released by Dystopian Dogs Records