Angel Death – “Memories of Death – The History 1986-1995” 2LP (Gold/red vinyl)

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2021 compilation of all recorded material by Italian death metal band ANGEL DEATH

This double LP compiles the band’s entire discography 1985-1996, including their demos, 7″ and bonus tracks.

On first LP:
– tracks A1 to A4: “Death To Christianity” demo 1986
– tracks B1, B3 and B5: “Desire For Immortality” demo 1991
– tracks B2 and B4: previously unreleased recordings.

On second LP:
– tracks C1 to C3: “Desire For Immortality” demo 1991
– tracks C4 and D1: “Exorcisin’ The Pain” 7″ 1993
– tracks D2 and D3: “Gore (Blood Of War)” 7″ 1991
– track D4: from “Screams From Italy” compilation CD 1994 (taken from the unreleased “War Without Mercy” demo1988)
– track D5: no infos about it.

Released by F.O.A.D. Records