Cenotaph / Damned Cross – “Reek from the Grave (Dark Hymns from the Past)” 2LP (Black vinyl)

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2018 compilation album by Mexican death metal band CENOTAPH and the DAMNED CROSS demo from before the name change

01-05: Cenotaph: “Rise of Excruciation” Demo 1990
06: Cenotaph: untitled live track (it is “Sectophibia” actually)
07: Cenotaph: from “Pantalgia” Compilation CD/Lp 1992
08-12: Damned Cross: “Soldiers of Wotan” Demo 1988
13-17: Damned Cross: “Excretion of Infected Corpses” Demo 1989

2023 press on double LP housed in gatefold cover

Released by Dark Recollections