Emanzipation Magazine #5

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29 years in the making the 5th issue of Danish cult extreme metal fanzine Emanzipation ‘zine is resurrecting.

Warning! Contains super nerdy metal content: Beer Section, unseen artwork and photos from the early 90s and in depth current interviews talking past and present with Invocator, Dan Swanö, Jonas Lindbood (Puteraeon, Taetre), Brutality, Perra Karlsson (Perracide, Destroyer 666, Benediction) and an interview from the early 90s Emanzipation mini zine archives with Absorbed. Writers include René Blavnsfeldt, Olivier Zoltar Badin, Daniel Löfquist, Peter Mesnickow & Michael Hvolgaard Andersen

A5 format, 52 pages, english language, printrun: 333 copies