INFECTED – “The Contamination & Dead Paradise” Hand wrought MC

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A long overdue reissue of both demos released by Brazil’s INFECTED. One side features the 1993 demo “The Contamination” while 1995’s “Dead Paradise” bleeds from the other side.
These two releases show a band in the middle of a South American death metal explosion playing harder and uglier than many of their contemporaries. Drawing influence from just about every active death metal scene at the time, they managed to run it through that unmistakably raw South American filter that trimmed the fat and cut the bullshit. All killer and no filler. Pure old school death metal.

As with all NR Handwrought releases, this includes a hand screen printed heavyweight Maltese cross style foldout case, a double sided 8×10 insert, on a glossy black pro-tape.

Released by Noxious Ruin