Inhume – “25 years of Decomposition” Digipack CD

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Compilation  album from 2018 by Dutch death grind band INHUME

Tracks 1-10 from “The Missing Limb”
Tracks 11-19 from “Demo II” & “s/t” split with Blood
Track 20 from “Comeback of Goregods”
Tracks 21-23 from “Dutch Assault”
Tracks 24-25 from “Slimewave Series 6” split with Mumakil
Track 27 from “Tribute to Repulsion”
Tracks 28-32 from 2009 pre-production sessions for “Moulding the Deformed”
Tracks 33-34 from “Enjoying the Violence” split live demo with Mundo de Merda, 1997

Released by Xenokorp