Mats Eriksson – “DEATH: The Antidote to Misery” Book

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Author, researcher, and long-time metalhead Mats E. Eriksson has recently published a wonderfully weird new book titled “Death: The Antidote To Misery”. The tome contains a collection of tales that straddle several different literary genres. Some might call it Lovecraftian prose, others strange fiction, and yet others might refer to it as pulp science. No matter how you categorize it, the stories all revolve around metal, science, horror, mystery, and dark comedy. The author has worked with celebrated painters from the realms of metal music – Dan Seagrave, Pär Olofsson, Joe Petagno, Mark Riddick, and Dan Lerner – to visualize the stories with unique, unnerving artwork. These are no more than appropriate for this part-fantasy, part-scientific work by Eriksson, a veteran paleontology scholar who has named prehistoric creatures after Tony Iommi, Cannibal Corpse bassist Alex Webster, Lemmy Kilmister, King Diamond, Tomas Haake, among others.

The hardcover book is printed in full color, comprises 419 pages, and has a foreword by the prolific British author Joel McIver.


JP (Metal Rules) Rating: 4.5/5
“This modern horror compendium makes Stephen King creepy tales look pale in comparison.”
Steve Earles (Absolute Underground #116)
“We are in the hands of a master writer here, one whose imagination knows no boundaries; yet is able to tell a tale accessible to all.”
Martin Nygren (Rocknytt) (In Swedish)
“Med ett språk som flödar “like an everflowing stream” och med ett innehåll som är mer skruvat än en novell av Garth Marenghi och lika slafsig
som valfritt vax från Cannibal Corpses diskografi så har han åstadkommit något som är både imponerande och förtrollande.”

Joel McIver reads his foreword: