Morbid Angel – “Vomit Upon the Cross” 2LP (Blue vinyl)

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Live Pittsburgh, PA on May 18th 1990. Very good sounding rare as hell show, Dave’s vocals sound killer “Altars of Madness” sound not the later deep style vocals, tons of energy in the air and they cover Terrorizer ‘Dead Shall Rise’ never officially released on anything ever. Limited to 300 Blue Vinyl on Reek of Death Records
Side A.
Immortal Rites
Visions from the DarkSide
Side B.
Thy Kingdom Come
Hell Spawn
Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost
Side C.
Maze of Torment
Dead Shall Rise (Terrorizer cover)
Unholy Blasphemies
Side D.
Chapel of Ghouls
Evil Spells
Released by Reek of Death Records