PATHOLOGIST – “Anatomically! Autopsically! Decompositionally! Eschatologically! Thanatologically! (Part II: Forensic Grind Versus Medical Noise)” Digipack 2CD

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2017 compilation by Czech death grind band PATHOLOGIST

Issued in a 6-panel Digipack with transparent trays on the left and right panel. Comes with a glued 23-page booklet.

Printed on back & booklet:

“CD III: Grinding Opus Of Forensic Medical Problems (9 Songs, Album – 1993) Tracks 01-09.

Remains from “Re-Regurgitation Over Fuckin’ Pathological Splatter” (6 Songs, Album 2001) Tracks 10-15.

CD IV: Medical Jurisprudence (974 Songs, Demo 1991) Tracks 01-99.”

On this compilation the songs of “Grinding Opus Of Forensic Medical Problems” were sped up from the original recording.

Released by Bizarre Leprous Production