Splatterhouse – “The Diseased & The Deranged: A DiscGOREgraphy” Slipcase CD

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2023 compilation of all recordings by US grinding death metal band SPLATTERHOUSE

Tracks 1-9 were originally released as “The House That Dead Built” on Razorback Records & Goryfied Prod.
Track 10 previously unreleased
Tracks 11-14 were originally released as a split w/ Gruesome Stuff Relish (2003) on No Escape & Inimical Records.
Tracks 15-16 were originally released as a split w/ Birdflesh (2006) on The Spew Records.
Eli “The Executionist” Bloch played drums on this recording.
Track 17 originally appeared on Devil Metal: A Tribute to Nunslaughter (2007).
Track 18 was previously unreleased (originally by Nasum) (2007).

Released by Selfmadegod Records