Wargasm – “Power Of The Hunter / Suicide Squad” 7″ EP (Black vinyl)

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THE CRYPT proudly announces the next chapter in our ongoing cooperation with underground New England thrash legends WARGASM! This 7″ EP features two previously unheard Wargasm recordings from 1996! Both songs have never been released in any format… Until now!! ‘Suicide Squad’ was the second song ever written by Wargasm, with an early version available on the ‘Rainbows, Kittens, Flowers & Puppies’ demo in 1986. ‘Power of the Hunter’ is a cover of the 1982 Tank classic. Recorded on the eve of the band’s break-up, both songs comprise the band’s final recordings, have been ‘in the vault’ for two decades and are 100% classic WARGASM. Limited to 500 copies, 250 on black vinyl Released by Dark Symphonies / The Crypt