Extremely Rotten Productions – Danish releases cassette bundle

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Here’s your chance to score at a discount a collection of 5 ERP cassette releases of Danish bands


ER092 CHAOTIAN – “Effigies of Obsolescence” MC

  • 2022 debut album by this Danish death metal band


ER100 SEQUESTRUM – “Pickled Preservation” MC

  • 2023 EP by this Danish deathgore band


103 BRODER – “Skarpretterfossilet” MC

  • 2023 sophomore album by this Danish sludgy blackened death metal band


ERP093 DEIQUISITOR – “Apotheosis” MC

  • The 4th album from 2023 by this Danish death metal band


ERP116 ELITIST – “A Mirage of Grandeur” MC

  • 2023 debut album by this technical Danish death metal band